Materialien Freddys Reise

NC: Noemi Carlen

CF: Céline Fankhauser

HB: Hannes Barfuss

Sounds (HB)

Forscher Hütte

Forscher Wald

Forscher Labor

Forscher rennt weg

Chat Notification


Code (HB)

audio.js - takes care of audio scheduling and playback

audiorequest.js - takes care of loading audio files from server/cache

chat.js - the chat bot

event-handlers.js - theoretically, any kind of event can trigger any kind of result, this is taken care of here

savegame.js - takes care of restoring the game state on page reload

Further reading:

Web Audio Api is used for audio playback and mixing.

Videos (Bild: NC, Sound: HB)

Musik (CF)

Loop 1

Transition 1 -> 2

Loop 2

Transition 2 -> 3

Loop 3

...etc, you get it