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Accel.Stat Class Reference

A class to calculate statistics on an input data stream. More...

Inheritance diagram for Accel.Stat:
Accel.DataOutput< float > Accel.DataStreamInput< float >

Public Member Functions

void perform (float f)
 Manually calculate the specified statistics. Use this only if the instance is set to manual.

Public Attributes

WindowMode mode
 The calculation method the instance uses.
int n
 The sample size (= number of previous input values taken into consideration).
bool manual
 If set to true, the object doesn't update itself. Insetad, you have to explicitly call perform(float x). Useful for processing irregular data input streams.


float Val [get]
 The current output value of the instance.
DataStreamOutput< float > InputStream [get, set]
 The object this instance gets its data from. Must be of type DataStreamOuput.
- Properties inherited from Accel.DataOutput< float >
Val [get]
 The current output calue.
- Properties inherited from Accel.DataStreamInput< float >
DataStreamOutput< T > InputStream [get, set]

Detailed Description

A class to calculate statistics on an input data stream.

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