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 CAccelProvides classes to get and manipulate data in various ways
 CCurveTransform a linear value to its corresponding value on a curve
 CDataInputAn object that takes an input value
 CDataOutputAn object that has an accessible output value
 CDataStreamInputAn object that takes an input stream
 CDataStreamOutputAn object that has an accessible output stream
 CFloatThis is just a wrapper to use normal floats as DataOutpus
 CIIRA single pole low pass filter with settable attack and release
 CProgressDetectorA ProgressDetector is just a state detector with some additional fields
 CRingBufferA RingBuffer to store data
 CSensorInputA SensorInput is used to capture input data from various hardware sensors
 CStatA class to calculate statistics on an input data stream
 CStateDetectorA basic binary on/off statemachine that updates independently, taking one or multiple instances of DataOuput as its input
 CStateOutputAn object that has an accessible binary output state
 CStepDetectorA modified version of the StateDetector that fires events when footsteps occur
 CStepperA stepper can be used either to fire events in regular timer intervals, or as an alternating binary state of 0 and 1
 CAccelUtilProvides utility methods to manipulate data
 CAudioAssetDatabaseEstablishes a connection to an SQL database that stores asset data such as file paths to audio files, loop points, midi notes etc
 CAudioCenterSingleton class that provides audio playback behavior such as oneshot, loop, reverse. DO NOT INSTANCIATE!
 CCustomEventRepresents an event
 CDBAssetRepresents an entry in the DBAsset table of the database
 CDBRelationCanMixRepresents an entry in the DBRelationCanMix table of the database
 CDBSetRepresents an entry in the DBSet table of the database
 CDirectedGraphRepresents a directed graph
 CSoundSourceFactoryA singleton class to create spatialized audio sources
 CSoundSourceManagerAn object that can be attached to an AudioSource to control its spatial features